Roll Up the Map
So This is Paris
02/25/2017 7:15 pm - 02/25/2017 8:35 pm
104 Willard Straight Theatre, Cornell University, Ithaca NY 14850
"Ernst Lubitsch’s silent comedy from 1926 showed what a German émigré could teach Hollywood about sex! It stars the vivacious actresses Lilyan Tashman and Patsy Ruth Miller as pleasure-seekers whose attentions stray to each other’s husband. With live piano accompaniment by Dr. Philip Carli. Advance tickets are $50 general admission ($65 at the door); $30 students ($40 at the door) available now at and starting Mon Feb 20 from 104 Willard Straight Hall (9am–5pm)
Suzanne Giraud (Miller), the wife of a prominent doctor and a fan of Orientalized romances, is aroused by the sight of a neighbor, Maurice Lalle (George Beranger), a shirtless actor in sheikh’s garb, sitting at his window. Her husband, Dr. Paul Giraud (Monte Blue), pays Maurice a visit—to pummel him with a walking stick—and falls for the actor’s coquettish wife, Georgette (Tashman).” (Film Forum) The film features a wild party that includes the first ever choreographed dance scene to appear in a film with partygoers doing, what else, the Charleston!